Habit forming? Dependence possible
Prescription needed? Yes
Available as generic? No
Drug class: Appetite suppressant

Treatment for obesity and maintenance of weight loss.

- Merida drug is to be used in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and weight management program.

- Treatment with this drug is not recommended for "cosmetic" weight loss-that is when a person's height-to-weight ratio does not provide a medical reason for weight loss.

- Your doctor will help determine your body mass index (BMI), a method of measuring for obesity.

How to take Meridia:

- Capsule: Swallow Meridia with liquid. Meridia may be taken with or without food.

- Read instructions carefully that are provided with the prescription.

When to take Meridia:

- Once a day usually in the morning.

If you forget a Meridia dose:

- Take as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for the next dose, then skip the missed dose and wait for your next scheduled dose (don't double this dose).

What Meridia does:

- Allows certain chemicals in the brain to act longer in controlling appetite regulating center.

Time lapse before drug works:

- Weight loss should begin within 4 weeks.

Don't take Meridia with:

- Any other medicine or any dietary supplement without consulting your doctor or pharmacist.

SYMPTOMS: It is unknown what symptoms may occur.


None known.

Common Meridia Side Effects:

Dry mouth, headache, constipation, insomnia (these symptoms usually go away with continued treatment).

Infrequent Meridia Side Effects:

Increase in blood pressure or heart rate. Back pain, flu-like symptoms, stomach pain, increased appetite, nausea, heartburn, muscle aches, dizziness, nervousness, anxiety, depression, sore throat, runny nose.

Rare Meridia Side Effects:

Chest pain, fainting, swelling of feet or ankles, allergic reaction including skin rash or hives, seizure, any other symptoms you are concerned about.

Don't take Meridia if: 

- You are allergic to sibutramine.

- You have a history of anorexia nervosa.

Before you start, consult your doctor If:

- You have a history of uncontrolled high blood pressure, any heart disorder, coronary artery disease, stroke (or symptoms of a stroke), seizures, or other medical problem.

- You have any kidney or liver disorder.

- Organic causes of obesity have not been ruled out, such as hypothyroidism.

- You have glaucoma.

- You are allergic to any other medication, food or other substance.

Over age 60:

- No special problems expected, but a lower starting dosage may be recommended.


- Sibutramine is not recommended for pregnant women.


- It is unknown if drug passes into milk.

- Avoid drug or discontinue nursing until you finish medicine.

- Consult doctor for advice on maintaining milk supply.

Infants & children:

- Safety and effectiveness in ages under 16 has not been established.

Prolonged use:

- Schedule regular visits to your doctor to determine if drug is continuing to be effective in controlling weight and to monitor your blood pressure.

- The effectiveness and safety of taking Meridia beyond one year have not been established.

Skin & sunlight:

- No problems expected.

Driving, piloting or hazardous work:

- Don't drive or pilot aircraft until you learn how medicine affects you.

- Don't work around dangerous machinery.

- Don't climb ladders or work in high places.

- Danger increases if you drink alcohol or take other medicines affecting alertness and reflexes.

Discontinuing Meridia:

- Notify your doctor if any new symptoms occur after the drug is stopped.


- Advise any doctor or dentist whom you consult that you take this medicine.

- Use as directed.

- Don't increase or decrease Meridia dosages without doctor's approval.

- Notify your doctor if you don't lose at least 4 pounds in the first month of treatment.

- Other weight control agents have been associated with heart valve problems and primary pulmonary hypertension.

- Monitor blood pressure.

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