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Orbital Diseases

Medical Definition: Diseases of the bony orbit and contents except the eyeball.
Guide Notes: dis of bony cavity & its contents except eyeball ( = EYE DISEASES or specifics)
Previously Indexed: Eye Diseases (1966-1980),Orbit (1966-1980)
Orbital Diseases Categories.
Canadian Medical Guide Definition Enophthalmos - Recession of the eyeball into the orbit.
Canadian Medical Guide Definition Exophthalmos - Abnormal protrusion of both eyes; may be caused by endocrine gland malfunction, malignancy, injury, or paralysis of the extrinsic muscles of the eye.
Canadian Medical Guide Definition Granuloma, Plasma Cell, Orbital - A chronic neoplasm-like inflammatory reaction, usually affecting the orbital tissues of both eyes, also known as orbital myositis.
Canadian Medical Guide Definition Retrobulbar Hemorrhage - Hemorrhage within the orbital cavity, posterior to the eyeball.

Orbital Diseases Medical Definitions and Terms


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