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Blue Green Algae

Vitamin / Mineral Supplement Overview:
Blue-Green Algae contains B-complex vitamins, beta-carotene, gamma-linolenic acid, iron, and protein. It is a wild blue-green microalgae that grows in the tropics on salty, alkaline lakes and is grown commercially in countries such as Thailand, Japan, Mexico, and part of the United States.

How This Supplement Works in Your Body:
Possible energy booster
May protect immune system
May lower cholesterol
May decrease appetite
May be beneficial for individuals with hypoglycemia

Using Blue Green Algae:
Spirulina is available in powder and tablet form. Follow manufacturerÂ’s instructions or consult your doctor.

Medical Precautions: Do not take if you are:
Pregnant, think you may be pregnant or plan pregnancy in the near future.

Consult your Medical Doctor If you:
Take any medicinal drugs or herbs including aspirin, laxatives, cold and cough remedies, antacids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, supplements, other prescription or nonprescription drugs.

Seek advise from your medical doctor before using this supplement.

Seek advise from your medical doctor before using this supplement.

Infants and Children:
It is hazardous to treat infants and children under 2 with any supplement.

If not pregnant and do not consume amounts larger than a highly regarded manufacturer recommends on the package, no problems are expected.

Vitamin Supplement Storage:
Store in a cool and dry location, but do not freeze.
Keep safely away from children.
Do not keep in bathroom medicine cabinet. Heat and dampness may alter the action of the supplement.

Safe Vitamin / Mineral dosage:
To date, no safe vitamin / mineral dosage has been established.

Comparative-toxicity rating is not available from standard references.

Side Effects:
Signs and symptoms: What to do:
Diarrhoea : Discontinue use. Call doctor promptly.
Nausea : Discontinue use. Call doctor promptly.
Vomiting : Discontinue use. Call doctor promptly.


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